Refund policy


Some orders are not returnable to Rock Chemicals, Inc., including, but not limited to, custom or special orders, materials, leaking or damaged chemicals, reagents past expiration date, items with missing or obliterated labels, parts or instructions, refrigerated or frozen materials and opened materials. Returned shipments cannot be accepted by Rock Chemicals, Inc. unless prior written arrangements have been made. If it is necessary to return any materials, contact Rock Chemicals, Inc. to obtain a return authorization number. REQUESTS FOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBERS MUST BE MADE WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS OF PURCHASER RECEIVING THE ORDER. Only items authorized by Rock Chemicals, Inc. for return will be accepted. Final disposition of returned goods will be made only after receipt and inspection of goods by Rock Chemicals, Inc.. Collect shipments will not be accepted unless previously authorized. In the event of any material and measurable difference of quantity or quality between Purchaser’s order and the product delivered, upon written notice to Rock of such shortfall with supporting documentation therefor, Rock shall credit to Purchaser an amount equal to any such shortfall. Hazardous goods must be shipped in compliance with all applicable Department of Transportation regulations. Rock will take reasonable efforts to ensure that any such orders with a shipping destination outside of the United States of America comply with applicable non- United States of America regulations. Material must be received on or before the Return Authorization expiration date. Material returned requiring disposal may incur additional charges. Approval and/or acceptance of returned goods does not constitute waiver of any amount(s) due to Rock Chemicals, Inc. by Purchaser.

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